Stay tuned for detailed guides for every trail at the preserve.  While we work on preparing the trail network, take some time to explore Robin’s Trail, an approximately one mile tour of the FFP South property.

Robin’s Trail (marked with yellow blazes), starts at the FFP South sign on Lincoln Laurel Road and passes by a vernal pond and an old lime kiln.  The trail ends at Route 94.

  • Distance:  4848 feet
  • Duration:  Approx 25 minutes
  • Max Elevation:  672 feet
  • Min Elevation:  598 feet
  • Elevation Gain:  64.2 feet
  • Elevation Loss:  -31.4 feet

Robin’s Trail

It began as an idea proposed by our elementary school science teacher, Robin Randolph.  She was beloved by her students and a dedicated member of the Frelinghuysen community.  When we approached her for an idea for our Silver Award project, Ms. Randolph suggested that we do something on the Frelinghuysen Forest Preserve property.  Since there were no trails yet cleared or blazed on the property, we decided to “build” the first trail, for use by the residents of our town.  Our first visit to the FFP was with Ms. Randolph – it was a beautiful, sunny day where we sat on a log in the vernal pond and ate lunch with her, talking about the wildlife and the future possibilities for the property.  Ms. Randolph was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of good information and advice.

Sadly during the course of our project, Ms. Randolph passed away.  We were then inspired to continue the work on the trail and in her honor, named the trail “Robin’s Trail” after her.

We then hiked the property with Dennis Briede from The Land Conservancy and he gave us some ideas and suggestions with regard to the trail building.  We spent many Sunday mornings clearing the trail of brush and downed trees, raking away the undergrowth and painting blazes on the trail.  We are so happy to now be able to officially share Robin’s Trail with the community.

Robin Randolph was a key player in the purchase of the FFP property back in 2011.  She put her heart and soul into conservation and the township’s open space program.  Her legacy lives on as many will walk her trail for years to come.

Girl Scout Troop 644

Julia Buttgereit, Moira Kellaher, Brianna Lang, Schuyler Alpaugh